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Born in the Dominican Republic; a US Citizen, Natalia originally lived in New York City, but has been a resident of Florida for most of her adult life. 


Her niche for stylish upscale jewelry design, and accessories, comes from her heart and love to be creative. Natalia's natural talent is enhanced by her many years of employment and entrepreneurship, specifically from her expertise in retail for ladies apparel. 


Her interest is vested in creating high quality unique handmade jewelry and accessories, utilizing products including polymer clay, Swarovski crystals, semiprecious beads, naturally sourced stones. 


Her creations range from various accessories, but also includes purses, cigar box purses, and seasonal specialties. She can also make custom orders, and enjoys utilizing a range of products and materials to bring to life, her client's visions.  


Each accessory that Natalia creates is beautiful and unique, to truly fit the style and needs of her clients.


Thank you for visiting and shopping her handmade creations.   

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